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Friday , 19 June 2015
Motivational Cafe
  • Judge Me Not – Chat

    Judge Me Not – Chat

    Ladies it’s time to kick back, let your hair down and unwind thru healthy discussion. In this ...

  • Girlfriendz Events

    Girlfriendz Events

    Come one, come all Girlfriendz, Let’s have a memorable experience with one another. Leave all ...

  • Fancy And Free Fantasy

    Fancy And Free Fantasy

    “Girlfriendz let’s sit back close our eyes and open our minds with imagination, creativi...

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    The Girlfriendz Concept… girl·friend - (gûrl’ frĕnd’ ) noun - a female friend; a person you know wel...

Girlfriendz Welcomes You

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Couples Time

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Just For Me!!!!

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